Friday, 23 June 2017

Try Your Luck Now with Residential Apartments in Lucknow !

Have you been wondering lately about the advertisements regarding Residential apartments in Lucknow? Well, there is nothing to ponder about those. Those are very much real and are meant for those who are tired of living in rented apartments and want to try their luck out for their own home. 

Residential Apartments in Lucknow

There is no dearth of residential apartments anywhere now and certainly not in Lucknow. Therefore, if you know what exactly you want in your house and how much you can afford, then thousands of apartments are waiting for your arrival and approval. You just need to check the facilities and specifications and then you are good to go and settle in one.

How should the building be?

While looking for or within a building, you need to be certain of four things as all these things combine to form the perfect building for you.
  • Construction 
  • Facilities 
  • Beautification 
  • Location
If the building you are staring at, clicks all above four boxes, then you can move ahead with the purchase. The materials used in for constructing the building should be of superior quality. The location of the apartments should be such that the residents have no problem in availing anything when the need. The facilities should be sound enough to make the people happy. Moreover, along with all these, you should never sacrifice your eye for beauty. If an apartment has astounding aesthetics, then the glamour increases even more. 

So, always go for an apartment that is safe, secure and soothing to stay at. Different buildings will have different types of variations but be cautious enough to examine the minute yet important details, so that you don’t regret your buy.

Is Lucknow good enough? 

If Lucknow is the choice of your location, you do not need to worry much. The place is calm, quiet and has a charm of its own. In addition, the Residential apartments in Lucknow are like an intermingling of two worlds. You get to enjoy luxury and lavish lifestyle amidst the old & gold Lucknow and that won’t really cost you a fortune. You can choose from among ample packages and types; all the variations are beautiful enough to melt for.

The details

As said earlier, the details might vary but if you want to get hold of the best thing, then your list should check in for these things: 

  • Fortified structure to guard against natural calamities 
  • Stylish yet sturdy exterior against all types of weather 
  • All the floorings and ceilings are done with care and are long lasting 
  • Well-designed dining and drawing rooms 
  • Master and normal bedrooms with split AC 
  • Kitchen and bathrooms with all kinds of necessary water connections 
  • Safe electrical techniques with point wiring, modular switches, and exhaust fans 
  • Balcony to look over the beautiful green surroundings 
  • Club, gym, swimming pool and other types of games for recreations 

It is important to have prior information about the residential properties before any purchase. If all the facilities satisfy you, then definitely go for Residential apartments in Lucknow!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Benefits of Investing in Lucknow Real Estate

If you are planning to move to Lucknow this is the best time to do it as the real estate sphere is flourishing. The city whilst retaining its old world charm has developed into a major centre for housing investment. 

Benefits of Investing in Lucknow Real Estate

Here are some reasons why—

A Great Shopping Hub 

For many Indians shopping is second nature. Earlier in this great city the major shopping areas were the well-known Gomti Nagar and Hazratganj. These days there has been all-round development and shoppers have a whale of a time. Areas such as Faizabad Road, Rae Bareli Road and Sultanpur are seeing development as commercial places and this mean more opportunities for shopping and buying houses.

Construction of Roads to Aid Housing Development 

  • In a great piece of news the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has given the green signal for the construction of a 150-metre wide ring road across the town which will bring about more housing projects in the city. 
  • To boost real estate a 100-km Outer Ring Road (ORR) will go across the city’s periphery. New townships, housing projects and a cricket stadium which are in the pipeline are a part of this road. The benefits of the ORR has been handed to the National Highways Authority of India for approval.

Steps Taken to Boost Transport 

  • Every developed city has to have great transport. If one can ensure that the residence is well-connected to the office or even the school it will be a boon. The Lucknow metro which is in the process of being built will be a huge plus. This is bound to make connectivity within the city very easy and this is a major boost for real estate. Residential development and commerce will also receive a shot in the arm. To further aid the process 8 metro stations will be built by the end of the year.

Development in Keeping with the Times 

  • The Indian government has come up with a scheme of assigning the tag of Smart Cities to some cities. The city of Lucknow has been granted the privilege of being one of these Smart Cities. In accordance with this scheme the city will be given assistance and funds to improve itself and make it more suitable for the government’s development schemes. Some aspects where there will be assistance is water supply and sanitation, waste management, transport, IT and e-governance. There have steps taken to better the city in all these aspects.
  • These days due to increases in salaries one sees the need for bigger apartments. In Lucknow it is no different, therefore in keeping with this need steps have been taken. More and more luxury-serviced apartments are being seen. 
  • One of the benefits of investing in the real estate sphere is that Lucknow is emerging as a medical tourism powerhouse. There are numerous multi-speciality hospitals which have 1,000 beds. Many of these hospitals are close to residential townships. 

Lucknow is fast becoming a real estate stronghold, therefore book a house and use the services of the best builders in Lucknow

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Pamper Yourself With Three Bedroom Flats in Lucknow

Homes, flats, apartments etc. are the basic requirement of a human life. Everyone knows how important it is to have a shelter atop one’s head. It indeed feels nice to own a place of your own because it not only reduces the stress about temporary settlement but can also turn out as a sound investment prospect. The more space you can get, the merrier will be the situation for you, and you can utilize it in future if the need arises.

Paarth Infra Arka Project

Lucknow simply steals your mind by weaving the old world magic but it has developed with growing time as well. Moreover, numerouslavish and cheap apartments both confirms to this fact. You can find throughout the city, many such flats that will suit your preferences and budget. Flats are available in many variations, which enables the individuals to get hold of a place of their dreams and desires.

Places, Plots and Flats

You will find many residential options all over Lucknow, yet you may consider certain places are more favorable (economically and socially) than others. If you want a place with high price, you will find that near National Highway 25, Susanth Golf City etc. If you want plots for your flats then you can find it in Sitapur NH, Gosainganj etc. and that too at cheap rates. Moreover, if complete flats (not fully furnished though) are your main targets, then the popular stops for those apartments could be Faizabad road, Lucknow Kanpur road, Kusri road etc.

The high priced places range from Rs. 7100- Rs. 3800. The cheaper plots come within Rs. 1000- Rs. 750. Whereas, the apartments you can avail within Rs. 3500- Rs. 2700. All these pricings are on basis of per square feet measurements and are under terms of changing according to the situations.

Points to take under notice

Before zeroing on an apartment for you and your family, you need to be aware of certain things and should keep them in your mind. These are the basic facilities, which one will need every day or in any emergency. Those things are:

Ø  Road and vehicles: It is better if you could find an apartment near the high road or the main road, so that one can board into transports timely to reach to the venues like offices, schools, hospitals etc. It will be a great pleasure if you get many vehicles as options to travel to various places.

Ø  Market: You need a thing or the other from the market every day, so if it is near your abode, it will consume less time and you will be able to release a sigh of relief.

Ø  Institutions: It is difficult to look for a flat near medical emergency or educational facility and that is why you should have proper transportation options.

Ø  Healthy locality: Another important factor is the local area where you are going to live. The more the environment suits your nature, the comfortable you will feel to reside there.

Ø  Flat Facility: Parking area, lift, constant water supply, inverter during load shedding etc. these are certain priorities, which you should search in flats.

Three Bedroom flat

If 3BHK flats in Lucknow is the main point of your concern, then you can look in Avance Paradise, Manas Sagar, Sec 6C, Residential Apartments etc. These are scattered in places like Varanasi, Indira Nagar, Gomti Nagar etc. The price ranges from Rs. 40 Lac and approx.

While you are looking for flats in Lucknow, you can find a range of choices to pamper you, well within your budget. However, if new flats are not within your budget, you can also opt for re-sale apartments. Search wisely and live happily!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Buy Ready to Move 2 BHK Flats in Lucknow With Top-notch Developers

Real estate market has numerous high profile developers, each claiming to be the best builder. However, it is hard to identify the most reliable and trusted among them. Once in a lifetime, one has to take a decision to have his own house. Developers in Lucknow are fulfilling this dream of their esteemed customers. They are presenting various housing schemes enabling the customers to buy 2 BHK flats in Lucknow at affordable rates, which could fit well within your budget.

2 BHK Flats in Lucknow

Flats in prime locations at affordable price range

Prominent builders in the city are offering not only residential but also commercial projects. Residential projects of these builders are located at prime locations having connectivity to the center of the city. One of the most sought after locations to buy property is Shaheed Path. Here you can choose from among numerous options to buy flats within your budget and meeting your specific needs. The projects in this city offer proper connectivity to prime locations such as shopping malls, railway station, airport, university etc. In addition, highways to various prominent cities are well connected. The entire landscape around the residential project comprises greenery and scenic beauty catering residents a healthy life and keeping them away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

World class specifications

Besides located at key locations, the 2 BHK flats have an extensive range of specifications giving a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Some of the specifications are:
  • Earthquake resistant building structure
  • Weather proof paint
  • Branded flooring in flats
  • Ceiling with acrylic OBD
  • Pre-integrated split air conditioners
  • Laminated flooring in bedroom with pre-installed air conditioner
  • Well-equipped modern kitchen including granite stone platform, floor with vitrified tiles, continuous water supply, hob and chimney, geyser, water purifier and lot more.

Eco-friendly buildings with certification and exquisite designs

The residential buildings include exquisite designs matching with international standards. Moreover, the developers strive to reduce carbon footprints. Thus, they integrate eco-friendly methods to construct the flats ensuring high-end and flawless construction. They design and construct 2 BHK flats with the usage of right elements maintaining the functionality and artistic view. It ultimately facilitates the customers to enjoy opulent and convenient lifestyle. Prestigious certification such as LEEDS for impressive utilization of green constructing concepts and efficiency enhance the credibility of the developers. CRISIL is among the other accolades that rates transparency and high standards.

Elegant environs

The magnificent property has striking landscaping that inspires the biggest names of the developer’s associates. The overall features are extremely lighting and other incomparable amenities accompanying them make the entire project seamless always. Undoubtedly, you can have best and affordable options with leading real estate developers to buy 2 BHK flat. They aim at providing you with nothing but with the best facilities through their residential projects and at budget friendly rates. 

Leading and most sought after real estate developers are offering world class housing projects having different 3 BHK, 2 BHK, 1BHK flats in Lucknow. You can always opt for flats in Lucknow with them at reasonable rates, since it will suit your budget.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

8 Tips to Buy Residential Property in Lucknow

Property investors who are looking for a worthwhile city to invest in real estate sector in India, then the city of Lucknow will definitely prove to be the best option for such investors. Due to its exponential growth in many areas, Lucknow is poised to become a flourished city in the coming years. This terrific growth is compelling buyers opting for flats in Lucknow which are in great demand with the presence of famous builders who offer homes and flats at reasonable prices.

Sources: Paarth InfraBuild

Here are the vital tips for the buyers while buying residential properties in Lucknow:

  1. Know the purpose: Most of us would buy a residential home or flat for a living, purchase for investment and few look for regular rental income. Hence a buyer should determine his or her purpose that gives clear guidance while taking a decision. Since other factors are linked with the real purpose of buying like commuting, ROI etc a buyer should accordingly take a final decision.
  2. Usage of own money and less home loan: One a buyer has decided to buy a home or flat he or she has to quickly check their own source of money before shopping around for the best home loan rates in reputed financial institutions. In a long run, a shorter home loan will offer a great benefit in the later part of life such as retirement, children higher education, wedding etc.
  3. Verify the legal documents: This being a general practice a buyer has to spend more time on this important activity and it should be done by hiring a reputed legal expert. Though this process may take few days, this is a mandatory exercise for every buyer of a home or flat.
  4. Choose a reputed builder: Buying a home or flat through a reputed property promoter looks to be a daunting task as there are innumerable of builders are in the market. Hence a buyer needs to verify the past and current projects, the reputation of the builders before choosing the right expert. One can also post queries on the real estate forums on the World Wide Web.
  5. Verifying the approvals and licenses: After zeroing down on the property, a buyer needs to check all the paperwork related to the property such as, legal documents, building plans, environmental clearance etc which are mandatory for every buyer in order to secure the property from any litigations. Reputed builders always produce these papers, before making the final decision of the intended buyers.
  6. Area of the property: This is to be checked with great care as this is the vital measurement on which the building or flat is built. Based on this area other factors are involved such as carpet area, car parking etc. Also one has to decide the floor as there is some price variance can be offered by the builders.
  7. Check the prevailing market rate: Every buyer needs to check the real estate market rate as it varies from location to location. This can be easily checked through the online search or from the local registrar office. Such a check will help the buyer while bargaining the price with the builder.
  8. Registration: Though this is the final activity of the buying process, a buyer should hire the right legal expert in making all the legal agreement between the buyer and the property promoters. As this process involves government agencies there should not be any slip while making the agreements, sale deeds etc. A perfect completion of this process always makes a ‘feel-good’ factor to the buyers.
The above tips for buying a residential property at Lucknow may not be exhaustive. However, considering these tips would surely make a buyer with a basic checklist before proceeding to buy a home or flat in the great city of Lucknow. Hence it is the right time for the investors to start investing their resources in flats in Lucknow well before the prices start escalating to skyrocketing prices. 


Since Lucknow is all set to become as one of the largest cities in India, it is wise to invest your hard earned money in the right direction by calling a reputed property promoter.