Friday, 29 September 2017

Make Your Home Green To Get Away From Air Pollution

Do you know the fact that air inside your home is considered to be more polluted and toxic that the air we inhale outside? As per the research the air inside our home is polluted 3 to 5 times than we breathe outdoor. This surprising truth we hardly recognize as we have innumerable and potentially harmful contaminants get trapped inside our sweet homes, as many of us do not even open our windows to get some fresh and pure air. However, every residential property built by reputed builders is created in such a way that the said pitfalls are kept very much minimized.

How We Typically Spend Our Day?

How we typically spend our day?
Your Day in a Chart

Listed here, are some of the important eco-friendly methods which you can follow the living area of your home:

  1. Increase Ventilation:

    Moisture level determines the quality of air in our homes. Proper ventilation keeps the place dry and reduced the moisture levels. Hence keep opening the windows and allow pure and natural air to get in. Also, keep the kitchen exhaust fan on while cooking to get rid of extra moisture. 
  2. Houseplants:

    As per scientific studies houseplants purify the air around and protect the inmates from inhaling contaminated air. It is considered to be the best way to counter the impact of indoor pollution, particularly when you have a family member with some respiratory disorders. Also, ensure to maintain these house plants in a proper manner. Few such indoor plants need regular watering. 
  3. Cleanliness:

    Cleanliness is equated to Godliness. Hence avoid clutter which is always a source of dirt and dust. Make sure to clean your home every day and spray room freshener. Places line kitchen chimney, toilets always keep your home dirt-free as well as bacteria-free. Filters of air-conditioners, heaters are to be cleaned periodically without fail. Ensure to service these gadgets from time to time.  
  4. Make your home as ‘No Smoking Zone’:

    One need not tell about how harmful is cigarette smoking to your health. By avoiding this habit in your home will assure you and your other loved ones to have a better living environment and ensure to breathe a fresh air. Have a clear signboard to avoid the embarrassment of informing the guests who smoke. 
  5. Use natural materials:

    Plan your renovation well before the winter season. Always use or suggest the vendors buy eco-friendly products while renovating your home. It is wise to use non-toxic and organic paints while finishing your new house. The case is also true while renovating your existing home.
The above-referred rules are only samples as there are innumerable ways can be followed to foster a clean environment around us. Let us build our new homes across the country like the every residential property in Lucknow and show the world that there are more rooms for improving the air around us both inside and outside of our homes. By providing the benefit of abundant greenery such as ample parking space, landscaped lawns, reputed builders always focus on offering the best comforts to the happy inmates.

Now the air pollution has taken a very aggravated form that even at home you don't get pure air. Here we are sharing some tips with which you can make your home free from air pollution!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

How to Find the Best Home Loan Deal

tips to finding the Best Home Loan Deal
Find best home loan deal
If you dream of buying a property, you're not alone. But then, you don’t have the cash to give wings to your dreams. There are over fifty lenders in India who may look forward to give you a Home Loan deal. The competition amongst home loan lenders is getting aggressive. But then, with so many options at your hand, whom do you choose?
Last month in May, several top lending institutions had reduced their home loan interest rates and are expected to lower them further, given the push to the housing needs in the country.
Let us check out a couple of things that you need to ask your lender so as to grab the best home loan deal.
  1. Cheap is Not Always Good

    Make sure not to run after the cheapest rate of interest. Instead, you need to look for a competitive rate and concentrate on the different aspects of the loan. It is unwise on your part to think that cheapest is always the best deal to go in for. 
  2. Floating versus Fixed Interest Rates

    Look for a floating rate of interest and don’t settle down for a fixed one even if it offers an attractive rate. It is because much later you will come to know about the hidden twists in fixed products. Most of us usually ignore that there's a foreclosure penalty valid within the fixed term. In addition, you will also find that the margin alters after no sooner than the fixed tenure comes to an end, in case the offer rate was for teaser period. 
  3. Regular Reducing Balance versus a Monthly Scheme

    Make sure you choose a lender who provides regular reducing balance and doesn’t stick to the monthly scheme. It will not create any huge difference unless you make plans for a partial repayment. On the other hand, if you settle down for a monthly reducing balance plan, then even if you close an amount partially in between two EMI dates, they will consider the repayment only from the following EMI date. This in turn will force you to pay interest even on the repaid sum for those particular days. 
  4. Make Unbiased Decisions

    Don’t judge a situation with your previous experience with some other product, or what your friends, relatives & colleagues have been through lately. You should remember that this is finance, a simple mathematical product, hence all you need to do is do your math & make decisions accordingly. 
  5. Read Reviews Online

    Make sure you go through the online reviews carefully. However, it is seen that 99% of them are otherwise motivated. You’ll come to know that people who are badmouthing lender possibly use dummy ID-s like lisahayden, kingpin, bigboy, greatguns, among the others. So prior to considering their comments make sure to check the IDs they've used thoroughly.
  6. Contact your Existing Financial Planners

    Your bank relationship manager, wealth manager, tax-planner, chartered accountant, and finance controller in office will be of immense help. Make sure to get their assistance to reach the best mortgage broker.
  7. Looking for a New Age Product

    Look for new-age product that will help you curb your expenses. Look for standard home loans that offer surplus funds and take the loan for tax-savings or clearing off debts. These days, borrowers have different need instead of simply borrowing for the need of money.
  8. Read the Offer Document Carefully

    Make sure you check the papers thoroughly; after all you are getting into a long-term relationship. It would be unwise on your part to choose the first lender that approaches you or offers you the lowest rate of interest. Make sure they offer various services such as provisional amortization, tax certificates, documents, part closure solutions, and decrease in the tenure/EMI after you have made a partial payment. Do not compromise on the facet of post-sales service. 
Take your time and choose a property from any of the top real estate builders. And with a professional lender at your end, you know things will be absolutely fine at your end

How to Save Tax on your Home Loan?

 Save Tax on your Home Loan

Owning a home is a matter of pride for most Indians. For majority of the people, it is a long cherished dream. However, considering the constant increase in real estate property prices, it is not easy for everyone to purchase a house exhausting all the savings. Thus, most people go for home loans to turn the process of home buying easier on the pocket. Getting a home loan is no more difficult with banks and several financial entities offering such loans on easy clauses. Moreover, one of the remarkable plus points of getting a home loan is that it helps you save tax. By getting a home loan, you become eligible for tax rebates under Section 24 (b) and Section 80 (c) of the Income tax regulations. Whether you are planning to 2 BHK flats in Lucknow or something larger, it would be wise if you assess your capability to repay and sustain the payments for a long period of time.

Tax Benefits Estimation 

Under Section 80 (c), on principal repayment, you will become eligible for a tax deduction up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh. Moreover, under Section 24, deductions are allowed on the interest of the loan you have acquired. For a self-occupied property, this is restricted to Rs.2 lakhs. On the other hand, for a property that you have offered for rent, you can claim unlimited amount of interest as deduction under Section 24.

What Should be Done for a Self-occupied Property? 

According to the I-T Act, the total limit under Section 80 (C) permits a total deduction of Rs.1.5 Lakh, no matter how much interest is paid. But, you should be careful while requesting for a loan as it will save considerably on your tax outgo.

Opting for a Joint Home Loan May Be Beneficial 

Whether you are planning to purchase 2 BHK flats in Lucknow or apartments bigger than that, you will be able to enjoy huge benefits by opting for a joint home loan. You will not only be able to share your debt-burden with your co-borrower but at the same time, will be able to request for a higher amount of loan since the income of your co-borrower will be taken into account. From taxation perspective, a joint home loan is better as under Section24 of the Income Tax Act, the co-borrowers are eligible to claim tax deductions against the repaid interest and under Section 80 (C) against the repaid principal amount. Each co-borrower will be able to enjoy tax benefits proportionately with respect to the interest and principal paid in a financial year. 

Remember, the above mentioned tax benefits can be enjoyed only after you get the possession of your property. This will not be applicable in any way for a property which is still under construction. Again, if you are already bearing EMIs for a property that is under construction, you will not be liable to claim any deduction for the principle repayment until the completion of the construction work. The advantages of tax deduction can be availed for the interest component but just from the year of construction completion. In spite of this, you will be able to claim for all the interest paid during the years of construction.

Why Don’t You Offer Your Property on rent? 

In specific instances, people choose to stay in a rented property even after buying a property with a home loan. Specifically when your workplace or your kid’s school is a bit far from your newly-bought apartment, you may choose to stay in your rented house. In this case, it would not be wise to keep your property vacant but offer it for rent. In this instance, according to the I-T Act, irrespective of whether you have rented a house or not, the annual rent will be entitled to a standard deduction of 30% which is much more than the interest paid on a loan. For such a property, you need to pay tax on the deemed income you extract from the property. Know that no limit is there on the amount of interest that can be claimed as a deduction. Looking from this perspective, it is better to offer your property on rent rather than keeping it vacant. 

Browse through the blog to know how to save tax on your home loan. This blog will be useful for those planning to get loans for home purchase.

Friday, 15 September 2017

4 Tips to Make Your First Home Buying Experience Huge Success!

As a first home buyer, there’s lots of things that you need to keep in mind. Consider these 4 tips to make your first home buying experience huge success!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

7 Practical Vaastu Changes for a happy home

Vaastu Changes
Vastu Shastra Tips
  • Place scenery in North East direction depicting a long road for good vision and planning.
  • Place a picture or painting of a rising sun in the east direction for healthy social relations.
  • Place natural green plants or candles in the bathroom to remove negatively and bring brightness.
  • Place the study table of your kids in the east direction for improvement in studies.
  • Numbers of doors and windows should be even in the house.

Infographic Courtesy:   Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Guide to Decorating Your First Apartment

First Apartment remains first and a dream for all. Decorating that, is one of the dream which comes true once in a life time. Nowadays, Luxury Apartments in Lucknow, Kanpur, Mumbai, Delhi and other metro and non metro cities are all generally furnished keeping in mind in depth the detail of the family requirements.

Here are some ideas for decorating your first apartment to be considered:
  • Paint & DIY Architecture:

    Paints are the one attracts the people visiting as well as people staying in the apartment. Trace or marks in the apartment’s walls are a tension creators. To avoid these, feel comfortable to go with deep and rich hue colors like maroon, cherry, dark blue etc… which keeps the apartment bold, cozy, and elevated as well as tension free from the trace marks.
    Texture paint in the wall adds a glory to the eyes looking at it. Also one can put up their own art by trying to paint some part of the apartment. A nice red or black line in the mid of the wall could create an interesting story. 
  • Suitable Curtains:

    Curtains are the things which give an elegant and luxurious feeling. Putting up Fabric Curtains or some with Roman Shades can give a luxurious and colorful look. Curtain colors contrast to room wall colors will add light to the apartment.
    Different colors in all the walls are the latest trend on in the market. 
  • Neutral with Mix colors:

    Furniture and Fixture with neutral and light colors goes with all the color combination of the apartment walls. It looks high end and soothing to eyes. Putting in colorful accessories to the neutral colored furniture will add to the attraction.
    Or otherwise when the furniture is old and affording new ones is an issue, then put some attractive slipcovers over them that’s simply in your own style which will make them look new as well. 
  • Carpets / Rugs:

    Rugs designed according to the necessity and with different layers to be put up in different areas of the apartment within a specific space are an added positivity. Such differentiation in layers is called Area Rugs which add color, texture, sophistication and pattern to the room. They come out as an art work for the flooring. 
  • Bedrooms:

    After a long hard day in the work, a person needs a relaxing suite for rest at night. Good quality Mattresses, Linens and Bed Sheets help you achieve those. A good and sound sleep in such bedroom investment creates altogether a different world of fantasy. 
  • Wallpapers & Adhesive Solutions:

    Use some special wallpaper or some adhesive designer solutions in your small balcony, bathrooms etc… Keep yourself available in bold in less and small areas possible.
    With different Adhesives options available in the market, represent your interest / affection towards something in one wall of the drawing room. A wallpaper of a huge scenery helps keep the minds of the members also calm. 
  • Light Fittings:

    Light fittings should be acquired according to mood requirements of the members of the family. Different area of the house should have different set of fittings like in study area, a focus light is very helpful and in kitchen, some spread lights are etc. helps a lot according to the needs.
    A slight change in lightings like putting a chandelier or replacing a pendant or adding a focus light etc. will give a renovated and transformed look to the apartment. 
  • To Avoid:

    Some of the things to avoid in your first fabulous apartment are Mini Fridge, Unnecessary Furniture, Overloaded Fixtures, Long-Sheets / Curtains, White Boards etc. Keep the apartment simple, sweet and less occupied. 
Read this article for some great tips on decorating your first apartment in your personal style.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Paarth Arka- Lucknow Gets a New Lifestyle Benchmark

There was a time when establishing a building was a task but Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd. provided a new vision to rebuild the image of Real Estate in India. The conceptualization of this organization was an innovation in itself and they look forward to setting the benchmarks of innovation at all levels.
One of such creation is Paarth Arka which is building on the bedrock of trust.

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